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About Us

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T-Candlelights is a Belgian enterprise

that introduces and distributes

the Candle Collection of Price's for the Benelux market.

We're proud to able to present

you this extensive range of candles and accessories.

Our partner "Price's" has been an English major figure

in the candle-world since 1830,

innovation and the constant development of new fragrances

makes the company what is is today.

Price's has been, and still remains,

a supplier to Her Majesty the Queen.

The Royal Warrant is a symbol of the great quality 

that has always been associated with their brand.

Combined with the right presentation (merchandising)

in which our products are displayed,

we are convinced that our candle ranges

will thrive in your establishment.

We thank you for taking the time to look

through our collections.

We're sure that our products will

bring you hours of pleasure and enjoyment.

The T-Candlelights Team

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All our candles are produced by the parent company

SER in Italy, this manufacturer is a part from the European Candle Association.


The ECA is an alliance of the largest and most renowned candle manufacturers in Europe. Its members represent more than two-thirds of European candle production and produce high-quality candles in 11 European countries.


SER has two 24-hour Research & Development and Quality Control laboratories - these focus exclusively on candles.


This means that constant care is taken to ensure that our candles meet the expectations of our customers.


All our palm waxes are RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil) certified which guarantees sustainable quality of palm oil production. We are proud to be involved in the development of new technologies and raw materials in the candle industry, as well as other industries that SER produces.

How do we differ from our competitors?


All our candles are scented over the entire wax content

unlike other leading brands where the wax is layered with perfumed and unscented wax.



Side effects of this layering with use are;

Black soot formation on the inside of the bell jar


This causes the candle to burn unevenly

a lot of wax sticks to the side of the bell jar.

Only spreads during the first burning hours

the perfume itself and then nothing more.

With these candles is the top wax layer

very heavily perfumed, making the candle 'sweat',

this is because the composition is wrong and the scent 'bleeds out'

This causes sticky pools on top of the candle.


Why choose Price's Candles?

Our candles are not produced this way and are 100% perfumed! We guarantee quality by putting together the right composition in our own laboratories where there are constant quality controls.

The use of high-quality wax and palm oil means that our candles burn evenly which guarantees longer burning times.


We strive to provide quality products to offer at good prices!

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